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Here is a list of what FL Green Movers considers when picking a moving company to provide you a quote:

1.    Complete accurate information and explanation about the upcoming move. The more informed a customer is the fewer potential problems. In our opinion, an informed customer is an asset to a mover.

2.    A trained and certified sales representative. The representative must be available 7 days a week to solve any problems that arise before, during and after the move. A good estimate should be at most within 10% of the final cost of the move.

3.    A uniformed moving crew that is trained, courteous, motivated and experienced. The moving team should be an organized group who work methodically and efficiently. Your goods should be perfectly wrapped and moved in an organized manner into the truck, with nothing left unwatched in the process.

4.    Clean well-maintained trucks designed to move household goods. This will reduce the chances of damage and increase the efficiency of the move. All trucks should be air-ride and, obviously, cleaned daily.

5.    Proper moving equipment. A sufficient amount of up to date packing material must be available to conduct all moves safely and smoothly.

6.    Prompt courteous post-move services, especially on long distance relocation. The customer should expect a phone call after the move to verify that it was completed to his or her satisfaction. If any damage has occurred, the mover must respond in a professional manner.

7.    Punctuality of the movers. All pickups and deliveries should be on time. Secure, climate controlled, professionally operated facility. It does happen at times that a moving customer may need emergency, short/long-term storage or storage to consolidate his goods for long-distance shipment. Assuming the mover has facilities, they should be clean, protected by an effective security system and staffed by trained personnel to assure the safekeeping of your property. A climate-controlled environment is especially important where Fine Art etc. are concerned.

8.    Punctuality of the movers. All pickups and deliveries should be on time.